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Turn off the screens...
Turn up the fun...

and turn your backyard pool or lakeside outing a heart-pumping family competition!


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RC Hydro tracks Set 1-01.jpg

2.4 Hz Transmitter Reaches 150 feet

Rechargeable Battery with Low Battery Warning

4 Racing Buoys Made of Non-Phthalate PVC

Capsize Recovery

18 mph
Top Speed

20-30 Minutes Playtime Per Charge

Front Bumper

Double Waterproof

Where Competition Meets Creativity

Created by Family
For Family

The founder of RC Hydro Tracks, Justin, was determined to get his grandchildren playing outside.


Leaning into competitive spirits, he blew up some nearby beach balls, grabbed a couple of old RC boats, and the game was on! Hours of laughter later, RC Hydro Tracks was born.

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Get to Know Us

RC Hydro Tracks has invested years of testing and product design to ensure your racing kit has everything you need for long-lasting fun!


Create endless racetracks with our high-quality,

non-phthalate PVC anchored racing buoys and make a splash in the competition!

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